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Walk in the Truth You Know! – Introduction

by Marilyn Roberts

We have all been there. It happens to all of us. There are seasons in our lives where our troubles appear to outweigh the good surrounding us. And, when the onslaught of negativity seems overwhelming, if we are not careful, we will become weary. Weariness can give birth to disillusionment and depression. So what do […]

Quality Decisions

by Marilyn Roberts

I remember distinctly hearing a teaching about quality decisions. Quality decisions are made long before a challenge presents itself. For example, serious athletes will train their bodies to respond in strenuous situations so that during a performance they won’t have to think about what to do, they’ll respond naturally. This teaching about quality decisions promoted […]

What Are You Thinking About?

by Marilyn Roberts

Did you know that Satan has a job description? It’s found it John 10:10a (NIV), “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy…” He’s aware that his job is to convince us NOT trust or believe in what God has said. Satan aims to fulfill his job description by: Stealing the Word from […]

What is Your Prayer Posture?

by Marilyn Roberts

Have you ever prayed from a position of fear? I’m not speaking of when we call upon the Lord in desperation because of some sudden tragic event that we weren’t prepared for. I’m speaking of a constant, continual pattern of praying in fear. Job prayed for his children that way. In Job the 1st chapter […]