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The First Messengers

by Marilyn Roberts

I love how God loves to do the unexpected! He delights in surprising us by making the unlikely likely! Such was the case with the first messengers who announced that Jesus was born. I can imagine it was just like any other night the band of shepherds were guarding their sheep. Perhaps they were sitting […]

True Worship

by Marilyn Roberts

You Worship What You Love!  Worship is for Me;” it was what my husband, Earl, heard so loudly in his spirit. “Worship is for Me; preaching is for you!” Earl was scheduled to preach at the New Orleans Mission when the worship portion of the service was longer than usual. He struggled with the clock […]

Help My Unbelief!

by Marilyn Roberts

“Only believe, only believe all things are possible, only believe!” Life experiences are a conglomeration of victories and defeats. You may be watching this video and everything in your life today is fine but you can relate to what I’m saying. There are others who are watching and you are hanging onto your faith by […]

Here I Am, Part 2

by Marilyn Roberts

We’re talking about three words that should be our response to the call of God. They are “Here I Am”. In reviewing Ananias’ response in Acts the 9th chapter and the response of our Lord Jesus to the call of God, we discovered these words cannot be taken lightly. To God they say so much […]